Are you a photographer with ambition?

Yes? I’d like to ask you something

Could your confidence, skills and experience use a boost?

Do you dream of transforming from freelancer to entrepreneur?

Do you fancy a network of professionals who are as ambitious as yourself?

If you nodded “yes” three times, then I know the perfect place for you.

You dream of having only dream clients.

  • You get very passionate about photography, but need experience and honest feedback on your work.
  • You seek advice in defining your niche and offerings. You struggle with pricing and marketing yourself.

I know exactly what you mean.

That’s why I founded Leentje loves Light


A warm platform with workshops, trainings and coaching, to learn and share, to become the photographer you want to be.

What it can do for you.

A few years’ (time) profit, by learning from good practices (and other people’s mistakes).

Self-confidence through practical experience, feedback and advice.

A shift from freelancer to entrepreneur through business insights, tailored to photographers.

What coachees say

“Leentje is an open book, she shares all her secrets, from business, to composition, to lighting, to colors and settings. Plus, my confidence went sky high, and turns out that was really what I needed right now.”

– Marie about 1-1 coaching

“WHAT A BOMB OF INFORMATION! Highly recommended for any photographer! Finally I am legally in order for my business.”

– Sarah about ‘The Legal Picture’
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België en overal ter wereld

Leentje loves Light, Sint Servaasstraat 6, 3212 Pellenberg

BTW: BE0563.555.053


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