hipster couple in lanzarote
Yoga kledij collectie shoot
couple at golden hour at Nyang Nyang beach
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girl with ostrich egg for Elliot and Ostrich
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this is about that real stuff!

are you ready to go on an adventure?

Leentje Schoofs fotografe

Hey! It's me!

I'm one of these girls who has 1001 things constantly on her mind, but magically I find the important stuff within my own chaos.

I call myself a photographer, an educator and a work-in-progress online entrepreneur. None of those things were courses in my university career, but hell yeah, you all know that a degree doesn't really matter these days. I call myself a lucky basterd cause I can professionally do what I love, and I think that's one of the most important goals in life!

Wanna know more of what makes me happy? I've so much more to tell you!

I am Leentje and I’m a photographer, duh. I’m not one of these typical ones, and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why you’re here.

I will not be that photographer who will sculpt you in awkward poses. Neither am I going to ask you to give me your most beautiful toothpaste smile.

I will make sure you and your loved ones know me a little, cause I want to be more than a photographer to you. I want to make a connection with you, and be able to not only photograph people, but the feelings between them…

Working with me is not gonna be about staged awkward poses and fake smiles. I want to evoke real emotions, I want you to remember how you felt while we were creating these images.

Together, as a team. Imagine it as we’re playing a super fun game, and we’re all good!

I promise, you won’t feel weird, you won’t feel awkward cause we’re just having a relaxed and joyful time!

Being your photographer is way more than making that ‘picture perfect’ shot to me, where every tiny piece of your dress is perfectly laying as ‘it should’. I’m there to capture the feelings between you, so that future generations can look back at the photos, and you can tell stories about how you felt, and which memories they bring to you…

Let’s create an experience together! And make memories!

Koppel in Golden Hour in het graanveld

love stories of twenty nineteen

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autumn wedding couple shoot

love stories of twenty eighteen

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