Wouldn’t it be liberating to really dare to show yourself in front of a photographer’s lens?

That dream just got a little closer.

My name is Leentje, and I help you to play the leading role in your own memories.

And they are so much more beautiful when you can take them off the bookshelf and experience them again!

A confession: Sometimes I look forward to the nostalgia I’ll feel later about what’s happening now. What will be seen in those photo albums is what drives me to go on adventures, seize opportunities, invent traditions and above all: document everything.

I know what that’s worth. As a child I was photographed a lot, with a stack of theme albums and annual reports to rummage through. They tell the story of my childhood in colors and scents — I can still smell the memories, and my own children love them too.

Later I started taking photographs myself. While traveling in Costa Rica, when the animals still spoke and phones only showed letters, my brand new camera gave up the ghost after three days. What remains of that trip is in stark contrast to the rest of my past: I only have a diary, and year after year the memories fade.

That’s why I became a photographer

To preserve what is there, and to do your best to make it worth it. To be in love with your life and the people in it. To make your younger self proud, and move your future version.

Experienced adventurer

Being a photographer is a wild ride. I start as a to-do box on the list of an engaged couple, a new parent or a brand with ambition. The next moment I am a confidant who chills down mothers-in-law, cheers on toddlers and translates a brand identity into images. And once it’s over, I am the Keeper of Memories, invisible myself but forever close.

Going with the flow is always downhill

Loving every turn on that wild ride. Every day I help save memories for those who dare to swim against the current, and stop often along the way for gratitude and adventure: what a life!

Curious about my offer as a photographer?

“She captured every special moment with creative angles, attention to the little details, pure professionalism, and always with a smile on her face!”

– Isabella & Travis

Besides photos, I also like numbers.


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times I forget to eat because I get completely lost in editing photos


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listened to podcasts while working. I need my focus, okayyyyy

Also a big part of me…


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