do you wonder

how to...

Have more fun with what you're doing?
Book the right clients?
Easily put your business on the market?
Make a living out of photography?
Be profitable in doing what you love?

Make the jump to be a fulltime photographer?

This is our workshop marketing and business and we will share all our secrets!

girl with ostrich egg for Elliot and Ostrich

We got your back!

In an inspiring place (La maison Jackie!) we will gather with 15 likeminded women and deep dive into how we can make our dream job into a profitable business.
We will speak about failures and successes, dreams and nightmares, but above all, we will listen. Listen to ourselves as passionate women, lovers, mothers, friends and boss ladies.

Leentje has 8 years experience in professional photography, runs her business in combination with a household and a 1,5 year old toddler, and has seen her revenue grow each year. She earns just as much (or even more) than in the days when she was a Health and Safety consultant for a big American company, and has never been a happier person since she decided to quit her job.


We will talk about easy ways to put your business on the market.

What is your brand about and what makes it unique?
How can we make our person ànd business into a brand?
Who is your dream client and which tools do we have to use to get those clients to book us?
How to treat your clients and how to be the most professional version of yourself?


We will talk about numbers. Yes we will. Cause oh yeah, I kick on numbers!

We will make pricing exercises, revenue - cost - profit exercises, we will make calculations.
Because if you don't have the insight in the numbers, you don't know what you are doing...
And we will also talk about outsourcing.
Cause girl, I can't (and don't want to) do it all!

how to run it as a woman

We will talk about our strengths as a woman.

The reason why this workshop is women only is a very conscious choice.
I noticed, since I became a mother and took the jump to go fulltime, that my way of running my business has become more intuitive and above all, more 'me'.
Ellen, aka Jackie Bohème, will join us and talk about her journey how she became a successful entrepreneur!

are you excited?

this is how the day is gonna look like



The doors of Maison Jackie will be opened at 08:45 and we 'll serve some drinks to get you energized.
We strictly start at 09:15 and will deep dive into marketing.
At around 12:30 we will have a healthy & light lunch.

doors open at 8:45


After a light lunch, around 13:30 we start with the deep dive into business.
We will talk about fears and successes, and will openly communicate about ways to lift your business to a higher level. We will end this part with an optional website critique session.

from 13:30 - 17:00

i am her

Arrange a babysit, cause today is a full female program! No rush into traffic, cause this day is also about connecting.
We will wrap up the day with an inspiring talk by Ellen aka Jackie Bohème, followed by soulful food. And we will talk. A lot.

wrap up at 21:00
Jackie Boheme & Leentje loves Light

about the host

Jackie Bohème

Ellen Wauters aka Jackie Bohème became Rookie of the Year in a very short time as a real estate agent. After that achievement she fell back in a burnout and she decides she would turn her life upside down and start all over again with a different mindset.
She has a so called 'brick in her stomach' and now works as a freelancer for different real estate companies, and creates lifestyle concepts which respond to the actual needs of society.
A year ago she started with 'Jackie Bohème', she opened l'Appartement Jackie and recently she renovated and opened the merveilleuse 'la Maison Jackie', 2 locations which she rents out for stays, gatherings, and workshops!
She is doing business from her heart and follows her female intuition as one of the best I know.
In 1 year time, Jackie Bohème is where she is today, and I believe a lot of you can learn so much from her insights!

pic by Irmy Photography.

what are the dates?

28/11/2019 + Possible Future Dates

The first open date will be 28/11. THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT

Please send me a message via the Contact Form below if you are interested for this workshop to take place on another date!

There are a few people on the waiting list so the sooner we have a group of minimum 10 people, the quicker I can schedule a new date.


Bali sunset session at Nyang Nyang beach

what's the price?

650€ VAT excl.

For a full day of learning how to lift your photography business to a higher, profitable level.
For a full day of soulful food and drinks.
For a full day in a pinterest perfect inspiring place.
For a full day of being surrounded by women, but with a no-drama guarantee!
For a full day of reflecting and being inspired.

For a full tote bag, filled with 200€ worth of vouchers and sustainable goodies.
For a full head, when you return home.

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