2018 has been a blessing for me, both private and professional. It was a year of highlights to be honest. Maybe the best year so far.

End of 2017 we moved into our new house which we are slowly building into our home. We made some small renovations already, including a brand new office, new floors, painting works, and the nicest part: the decoration of all of it!

On April 2018, the best human being came in this world, our son Tristan, who is already 8 months old now. He is almost crawling, has had his first two teeth, and pronounced to word ma-ma for the first time a couple of days ago.

Business wise it felt like a year of huge growth. Combining the baby with the business was not always perfect, and I admit I miscalculated this a bit, but we managed it out.

Underneath my view of 2018 in wedding pictures. A lot of moments, a lot of happy shiny people, and a lot of kids. Getting one myself made me focus even more on the candid moments and the joy kids can bring to a wedding day.


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