Wedding in Chateau Franc-Waret

Katie and Nicolas. A wedding in Chateau Franc-Waret.

A few years  ago an English girl named Katie moves to Belgium to work in the fashion industry. Brussels is her new hometown. She already has some English colleagues and is a very social woman, so she’s always willing to meet new people. And then, on a party she meets Nicolas. His name is pronounced the French way, he’s a real Bruxellois. They are head over heals, and soon move in with each other. Nicolas improves his English, and Katie is now also learning French. She doesn’t return to the UK, gets engaged, and in July, they got hitched.

This is a story of 2 countries, 2 languages, and how they perfectly merge. They chose a location close to Namur, cause this is the region in Belgium they both love very much and is packed with castles. Chateau Franc-Waret was their dream location for an outside ceremony and a lovely castle-garden wedding. Both families merged, and although they didn’t always speak the same language, I could tell, they totally got along and understood each other.

I’ve never seen a ceremony with so many happy tears, in combination with such lovely friends and family and a bunch of funny little ones. The day was totally what Katie and Nicolas had in mind. All Katie’s English loved-ones travelled all the way to Belgium, and I’m sure they enjoyed the time here! And both these families… wauw they can party! I was a little bit sad to leave the dance floor, but the long way home obliged me to leave.

This a story of Belgian – English love. And I totally adored it.

Big thanks to my second shooter Niccola who was shooting the boys in the morning and assisted me until the reception.

Lots of love,



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