Tirol Love Shoot

A ‘primeur’: I did a Ost Tirol Love Shoot 🙂

As every year (and sometimes even twice), we visit Ost Tirol in wintertime. I don’t know why, but this year was the first time I took my professional gear with me. Or at least my Canon 5Dmk3 and my 2 favorite lenses. Cause shooting in the snow is not something you can plan in Belgium, I came up with the ‘brilliant’ idea to go shooting in Austria.

Alexandra and Tristan are a sweet madly-in-love couple who live in Lienz, Ost Tirol. I found them through mutual friends and we met up on a Saturday morning. I told them to wear whatever they wanted, I was up for a surprise. Meeting place: the ski lift of St Jakob im Defereggental at 9am. Awesome. We met at exact the right time and was I immediately excited about their personalities. Both super friendly and wearing this constant small on their face. And their clothes? Colorful sportive, like all Tiroler people dress in wintertime. I loved it!

The 2 days before were grey. Wet melting snow on Thursday, good snow but super heavy wind on Friday… So when I woke up on Saturday, and seeing a glimpse of the blue sky and the sunrise, I couldn’t be happier. Ruben and I left our chalet in Virgen at 08:30 and drove to Defereggental, because this place is known  to be colder and has always more snow than Virgental and Matrei, where we usually go for skiing.

And I was right. Although temperatures are rising quickly in March, the valley of Deferregen was still covered in white prettiness. We enjoyed the rising sun, and walked for an hour, while Floor, my dog, was playing photo bomb or hide and seek. And at 10:15 I changed my walking shoes for my ski boots, and took the gondel, to look for my friends, and enjoyed another skiday filled with sunshine!

Cause yeah baby, shooting is always an adventure!


Technical note: all photos taken with Canon 5D mk III, Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 and Canon 85mm L f/1.2


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