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I don’t post family shoots often, but I do them quite a lot. A family is 3 or more people, so I often got the question: on who do you focus and what are your aperture settings?⁠⠀
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As you might know I shoot the majority of my photos with fixed focal length prime lenses. For a family shoot I tend to shoot every single frame with a 35mm.⁠⠀
Is that the only correct lens? No, it’s totally up to you and your style!⁠⠀
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On who do I focus? If there are children involved, I try to focus on the child, as the parents book a family shoot mostly to have precious memories of their child or children.⁠⠀
If there is more people than 3, I focus on the middle person in the frame.⁠⠀
Kinda depends on the situation, the posing and the setting a bit.⁠⠀
πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦β β €
I love shooting wide open, but for groups of people that’s not the best idea, as you might see clearly that the 1.4 or 1.8 aperture focus is on the eyes of the baby, and then the faces of the parents are blurred.⁠⠀
Therefor I often shoot groups of people at f/2.8 or higher.⁠⠀
For large groups of people I tend to go up to f/4 or f/5.6 or so.⁠⠀
And also keep in mind the previous #tiptuesday tips. Same rules apply.⁠⠀
Preferably in the morning or in the evening for the best soft light! ⁠⠀
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People like to have authentic photos, so therefor I let them move A LOT!⁠⠀
With small children posing isn’t an option anyway, and you can’t stretch a shoot longer than an hour, so be prepared, know the light and have some fun games in mind for the children, depending on their age of course!⁠⠀
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More questions or comments on this topic? Let me know in comments! We’re all in this together!⁠

After the heatwave, last Saturday was the nightmare of all wedding photographers. Liters of rain. And it seemed like it was never gonna stop.⁠
Were you one of them? I was πŸ™‹β  (and this wedding was one with an extraordinary kickass cool outdoor setting, arghh)⁠
Unfortunately I don’t have superpowers to change the weather, but after 8 years of shooting weddings, this is my go-to recipe for rainy days. Not to follow in this particular order.⁠
1. Pray for a sudden sunshine after the rain.⁠
2. Don’t check ‘buienradar’ every 5 min. It will only make you more depressed.⁠
3. If possible, try to find an indoor shooting location a day or two before the wedding. (this weekend I was in a remote location in The Ardennes, with no possibilities in the close neighborhood whatsoever…).⁠
4. Educate your couple, but don’t make them even more stressed about the weather. I always tell them as soon as the heavy rain stops, I will come to them and abduct them for 20 minutes.⁠
5. If your bride is stressed about her dress, like ‘really stressed’, take a white towel with you to put underneath the dress. I can tell most of my brides are badass and they don’t worry about dirty dresses, AT ALL (and I love them for that).⁠
6. Don’t be a narcist and go out in the rain yourself. I went on a walk for 10 min around the venue in the heavy rain to check my shooting spots. Be prepared, as it’s wet everywhere, you don’t have the time to stroll around. This shoot was done when it was ‘more or less dry’, which lasted for half an hour or so.⁠
7. As the sun is hidden behind a shitload of clouds, check the best light using the palm of your hand. I will post a hyperlink about this technique in comments.⁠
8. Postpone the wedding to a date with a better weather forecast. Oh shit. #notgonnahappen⁠
9. Be prepared for poodle hair. For yourself. (in my case).⁠
10. The End.⁠
More tips?⁠
More questions?⁠
Let me know BELOW πŸ”½ in comments!⁠
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Thanks you all amazing peoples!⁠

wedding in the rain Huwelijk in de regen regen tijdens huwelijk

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Yes, I let my models / couples / families MOVE a lot. ⁠⠀
A few weeks ago I got a long question in my DM’s how I still nail that the focus is right? So let me explain that to you.⁠⠀
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When you let people move, the most important setting is your shutter speed. If you don’t want to have motion blur in your photo you need to put your shutter very fast. With my Sony the fastest I can go is 1/8000 of a sec. Some cameras can have a faster shutter. ⁠⠀
My rule when photographing people is to always maintain a shutter speed of at least 1/200 sec if they stand still, and faster if you they are moving.⁠⠀
πŸ˜Žβ β €
Then, aperture. You know that I love to shoot ‘wide open’, that’s also the case when I let my people move. If you shoot on f/1.8 it’s super important that you keep focus on the right spot. Therefor it’s important to chose the right focus setting. With Canon you can chose AI SERVO and then you need to follow your subject as good and fast as possible. Back Button focus can help with that.⁠⠀
As I’m shooting Sony @sonyalphabelgium now, the focus with a mirrorless camera goes way easier, I always put it on Continues AF, this way following your moving subject is a piece of cake.⁠⠀
πŸ™„β β €
Know that shooting moving objects is not the easiest thing. It requires a lot of focus and practice. ⁠⠀
Going mirrorless definitely helped me getting rid of misfires. The technology of mirrorless is just completely different and the sensors reacts faster.⁠⠀
πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž?⁠⠀
Let me know in comments what your thoughts are, and don’t hesitate to share your experiments with you by tagging me @leentjeloveslight in your photos or stories! I might repost them! ⁠⠀
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Lemme start with one giant tip: a little bit of grain never killed somebody!!!⁠⠀
True story. Over the 8 years I’m professionally shooting, I NEVER ever had one complain about grain in a photo. ⁠⠀
So that’s cleared out ok? Now we go forward! ⁠⠀
πŸ‘β β €
Because grain is nothing to worry about, remember that the good pro cameras these days perform excellent in low light conditions.⁠⠀
You can go nuts with your ISO. hehe. Like really, I use to go up to 6400 without a doubt. (sometimes even more).⁠⠀
πŸ˜œβ β €
I don’t consider myself a maestro with flashes and that kind of shizzle, but I know the basics.⁠⠀
During the day, I sometimes like to shoot indoors too, but always without flashes to create a moody feel, like in the first picture. This picture was taken in a dark chapel, ISO 1250 / f/1.8 /1/500e sec. You really need to analyse the light and place them in the right spot. This image was then finetuned in LR with some gradients & dodge & burn.⁠⠀
βœ”οΈβ β €
During the evening party, you have to flash and make sure you know what you’re doing. I tend to always put my flash right forward, and then you make sure your sensor can receive enough ambient light to get the atmosphere of the venue. Therefor you need to go HIGH in ISO, and then play with shutter and aperture.⁠⠀
During dance pictures I put my aperture around 8 or 10, and my shutter slow, around 1/40 or 1/30 or even slower. The slow shutter ensures you get the typical movement in your photos. When you use a zoomlens, or you slightly move your camera during the shot, it can create awesome effects! ⁠⠀
πŸ˜Žβ β €
More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in COMMENTS below! Let me know your thoughts! ⁠⠀
We’re all in this together! ⁠

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The simple answer: don’t do church weddings! ⁠⠀
Voila. ⁠⠀
The end.⁠⠀
πŸ˜œβ β €
Nah. Lemme tell you one thing. I only have 10% of my weddings in church. Do I hate churches? No. But I have a slight preference for free spirited outdoor ceremonies. ⁠⠀
So in fact it’s kind of part of my marketing strategy. (but that’s something else…)⁠⠀
πŸ˜†β β €
So how to shoot in a church?⁠⠀
First of all, know what you are doing, don’t use a flash cause THAT’s the most disturbing of all.⁠⠀
Second, as a photographer, don’t wear pink or red or any color which is super colorful. Try to blend is as good as possible. Black, nude and pastel colors do well at weddings!⁠⠀
πŸ˜‡β β €
Third, you might have read #tiptuesdayabout my favorite lenses. I ALWAYS shoot with two bodies, one with a 35mm, the other one with a 85mm.⁠⠀
I use the 85mm to shoot beautiful portraits from a distance. These candids beautiful reactions.⁠⠀
The 35mm however is used the most. And yes, I go close. People choose me because of my photos. People choose me because of my style. They won’t remember that I was up close, they will however remember the beautiful frames I got to shoot.⁠⠀
πŸ€”β β €
Does this mean I cross the middle of the church in front of my couple? No. I will always try to avoid going in front of my couple. Only when the moment is there and I need to be there. With the vows, and the kiss. I am at 1m distance from their faces. And they will have these photos to cherish forever. ⁠⠀
Always keep an eye on the priest though. Some priests are rather conservative and don’t let you go everywhere you want. Although that can really ruin your mood and your creativity as the photographer, try to respect that. (and if necessary, communicate it with the couple afterwards so they know what was going on… been there done that…)⁠⠀
πŸ‘Όβ β €
So common angels, dare to go close! Never ever had a couple who complained about my presence. You are paid to do your job, so get the maximum out of it! ⁠⠀
πŸ™‹β β €
More comments or questions? Let me know in comments BELOWWWW hohohohohohoooo!⁠⠀

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