Does that ring a bell?⁠⠀
You may or may not know, but I’m one of those copyright fighters. ⁠⠀
What is copyright? As per Wikipedia, “it is the exclusive right given to the creator of a creative work to reproduce the work, usually for a limited time.”⁠⠀
So if you are the creator of a photo, you have the right to reproduce it. ⁠⠀
This means that you are the only person who owns the key to publish it. indeed. no. one. else.⁠⠀
So if another person or a company wants to use your photo on the www (anywhere, blogs, social media, …) or in paper publications they MUST ask you for written permission ànd they are obliged to credit you. ⁠⠀
Usually, for commercial use of photos, you as the creator are paid for it. You don’t have to ‘give away’ your photographs, no no no, you don’t. And even if you are paid, they still HAVE to credit you. ⁠⠀
In Belgium, there is SOFAM, which is a non profit organization who helps creators (artists, painters, photographers, writers, …) to protect their intellectual property (IP). They publish a yearly guide with the prices you as a photographer can ask for the publication of your photograph by 3rd parties. ⁠⠀
So if you as a photographer are hired by a company and they are going to use your photographs for online or offline publications, you as the creator have to charge them a separate copyright fee. This is not a case of ‘oohhh, but we never paid copyright fees to a photographer’, it is the **** law! ⁠⠀
This is a very difficult topic to cover entirely in Tip Tuesday, but if you are interested, I’m talking about it in a Podcast in a few weeks and will do a detailed talk about it on my website too! ⁠⠀
PS. a few years back I went to court for a copyright case. A wedding vendor stole 11 photos of my site to promote his own products. Long story short: after almost 2 years of trial he couldn’t win, we found a settlement. Swipe to see what I did with my #win.⁠⠀

Blockhaus de Leffrinckoucke Dunkerque fashion shoot with mirror trouwen op het strand

Attracting the right client, your ‘ideal client’ is probably one of your first goals as an entrepreneur. ⁠⠀
I can give you a few tips on HOW I managed to attract the clients I love:⁠⠀
1) BE YOU. And you will attract people who are likeminded. This means: online ànd online. Make your website and social media really specific. Make sure possible clients have a feeling they get to know you and they like you upfront. ⁠⠀
2) Make sure your website and social media is filled with your IDEAL CLIENTS. This means that you basically don’t show work which doesn’t represent that ideal client. A shoot can be super fun, the wedding couple could be the funniest, but if the style doesn’t represent the work you want to do in the future, be very picky in what you show to the world. If you feel like you didn’t photograph your ‘ideal client’ yet, then set up a shoot yourself to get that portfolio! Don’t only shoot styled work, also make sure you get to shoot authentic engagements or so. If you want to shoot weddings and you want to build portfolio: ask a fellow photographer if it’s possible to second shoot for a day…⁠⠀
3) Go AN EXTRA MILE for your ideal client. Make sure ‘word of mouth’ can do its thing. Chances are high that friends of these clients are also ‘ideal client’ material. You will be amazed how well and how long ‘word of mouth’ works! ⁠⠀
4) If you are in a position that you might wanna ‘choose’ clients, make sure your website is built to filter out your ‘not ideal clients’. This can be done through images, text, or how your website is built. My website has some funnels built in to leave my ‘not ideal clients’ behind. ⁠⠀
5) To attract more possible ideal clients, you can always try to target them trough a giveaway or a publicity campaign. If you are consistent in what you shoot and what you show, it doesn’t take long to find that awesome client! ⁠⠀
Good luck! ⁠⠀
You found another way to attract your ideal client? COMMENT BELOW! ⁠⠀

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