Thanks for the inspiration with more questions last week! I have a few more weeks to fill so here we go. ⁠
People who witness me shooting know that I don’t necessarily always shoot in M mode.⁠
Why? Because it is simply not a must.⁠
Shooting in M mode equals constantly scrolling your wheels and changing your buttons and calculating in your head and having an eye on your light meter.⁠
ALL THE TIME, cause light is changing a lot during a shoot.⁠
So one day I wondered. WHY would I constantly do that? Exactly.⁠
Now, during the day, when shooting in daylight, I normally shoot in Aperture Priority. The aperture has the biggest impact on your Dept Of Field (DOF) so I always make sure my f number is where I want it, and in most cases, I know I can rely on the light meter of my Sony @sonyalphabelgium and it will automatically puts on a shutter speed which will do the trick. ⁠
WARNING. Beware if it is super bright, or the contrary, rather dark. Always set up a manual ISO number (never ever on auto mode) and make sure your shutter speed is always faster than 1/200 sec (when shooting normal portraits).
If you notice that your light meter goes nuts, switch to manual mode. ⁠
As simple as that. ⁠
I usually use M in hard lighting situations, and as soon as I put my flashes on. Then it’s simply a MUST to shoot in M. ⁠
And of course if you wanna do creative sh*it like Long Exposures or shoot fast movement…⁠
So voila, if you have more questions for me regarding shooting modes (and other stuff too), don’t hesitate to put it here in comments or send me a DM!⁠

Let me share 5 more RANDOM FACTS. Cause I know you are all so curious! ⁠
1. I don’t have a problem doing the laundry, but the freshly washed clothes will probably stay in the fresh laundry basket for 2 weeks or more. ⁠

2. When I start with a new sport, I always think that I will be great in it and that I will own the techniques like a boss, very quickly. And then I have to realize that I’m just a medio, as every one else. haha.⁠

3. Our dog @floortheginger sleeps with us. We tried several times to ban her out of bed (although in winter it’s kind of snuggly and warm), but our heart is weak. ⁠

4. I can get very angry if a) someone doesn’t pick up his phone for more than 2 times in a row or b) when someone leaves a voicemail message. I HATE VOICEMAIL MESSAGES, okééé. Haha. (send me a text instead and I’ll call you back)⁠

5. I hate going to the hairdresser, beauty salon and stuff like that. I do it cause I have a decent amount of self care & love, but I never ever enjoy it and have a super hard time feeling ‘relaxed’. My boyfriend gives me gift vouchers cause he wants me to go though, and although spending my time there laying on a table for a full body treatment feels like ‘a waste of my precious time’, I’m always happy afterwards…⁠
So the tip. Yes, Show the world who are you, with your little imperfections. Let them see a little glimpse in your normal daily life. Nothing staged, nothing perfect. ⁠
People will instantly feel more connection with you, and will be triggered to get to know you!

Also, it is super important that you practice at the other side of the lens from time to time. It will help you in your shoots and you will pick up techniques from the one who photographs you, too.
So you will learn a lot, in fact!
SO HI THERE, all my new followers! What are your Random Facts? I’m a curious weirdo, too! ⁠
All photos by the awesome @elkevdende .

Leentje Schoofs Fotograaf leentje Schoofs portret Leentje Schoofs creatief

I know, I should have done this one a week earlier, cause, I’m sorry, the black friday deals are probably over, but OK, here we go. ⁠⠀
I strongly believe that investing in the right software in the beginning of your ‘career’ is as important as owning the right camera body and lenses.⁠⠀
Why? Because it will save you so much time and in the end Time = Money.⁠⠀
1) PHOTO MECHANIC. A software from Camera Bits, which I only use to do the culling of my photos. In other words, selecting the photos I afterwards import in Lightroom. Why? It is so much quicker than LR and culling is the least favorite part of my workflow so I wanna get done with it as quickly as possible. ⁠⠀
2) JPEG MINI. After I export my JPEG files from Lightroom, I drop them into JPEG MINI. It’s a software which decreases the file size but still manages to keep to resolution of an image. Low file sizes are important, cause I upload my files on my @pictime_us gallery afterwards and the upload will go quick, and also, it’s always more user friendly for clients. After JPEG MINI my high res files are between 1 and 3,5MB.⁠⠀
3) BLOGSTOMP. All photos which will see my website are run another time through Blogstomp. Web photos need to be 1) good enough in resolution for web purposes and 2) the smaller the file size, the better. I’m talking about kb’s here. I try to keep my files on my website below 500kb. Why? A website will run faster if the loading time of a photo is short, it’s super logical but I know a lot of photographers don’t pay enough attention to that. Always know that your Google ranking is depending on a bunch of different factors, but site loading time is definitely one of them! ⁠⠀
4) PIXELLU SMARTALBUMS & SMARTSLIDES. These two programs are a life- and timesaver for me. Back in the days when these programs didn’t exist yet, it took me triple the time to design an album or a slideshow. Best investment ever if you’re considering designing albums and smartslides on a frequent basis!
⁠Any more useful softwares I don’t know yet? Lemme know!⁠⠀

Autumn wedding portraits Tilt Shift wedding pictures Autumn wedding in the woods

I realise I didn’t share many tricks on how to use natural light indoors. You can make great use of light when you’re inside though! ⁠⠀
So let me tell you some tricks.⁠⠀

1. Know the directions. If you didn’t have time to scout your location, it is the first thing to do when you arrive. Have a look at all the rooms and find the best light for that part of the day. (sun goes from east, to south to west haha). A window at the north side usually has soft light. ⁠⠀
2. Make use of light and shadows. Always. Don’t fear harsh light cause it can make your photo and composition really interesting. ⁠⠀
3. Play with objects which can reflect light, like a mirror, or your iPhone screen, glas objects (ever heard of a prism?) and a giant disco ball which I used in this awesome shoot. ⁠⠀
4. See and find the differences on your lighting depending on the distance to a window. Play with flares the sun gives you. ⁠⠀
This shoot was a result of a wicked shoot with basically ZERO preparation. We had an empty room, a disco ball, and Cléo @cle0000.
No MUAH, no stylist, just us trying out some crazy shit. I cut my hand at the disco ball but we had our shots and that’s what counts in the end. ⁠⠀
Give it a try! You will be surprised how much you can do inside with the available light! ⁠⠀

natural light studio photography creative studio light light effects with mirrors

Don’t be a fool: WEBSITES ARE NOT DEAD! ⁠⠀
No for real. A website still is super duper important as a freelancer, and even more if you are a photographer.⁠⠀
You have so many visuals to share, so a good and beautiful website should be one of your priorities! ⁠⠀
And guess what, you never know how long a platform like Instagram will be here. Don’t ever depend entirely on Social Media for your business! If they decide to stop or your account gets hacked, you will cryyyyyyyy.⁠⠀
Here some valuable tips to make your website into a good online tool:⁠⠀
1) Make your site KISS (keeping it stupid simple). People are lazy, make sure they find their way in your site instantly and don’t make it difficult to them with too many clicks. ⁠⠀
Build in different Call To Actions (CTA’s) to make their experience on your site as easy as possible.⁠⠀
2) Try to keep them on your site for a long time. Make sure your texts are easy and funny to read, build your portfolio on blogposts instead of one single gallery. Make the traffic on your site super easy so they find their way and wanna know it alllllllllll. ⁠⠀
(ps if they stay long on your site it’s good for your google ranking)⁠⠀
3) As a photographer, make sure every picture has ALT tags behind them. Google reads a website in text, so if google doesn’t know what’s on the photo it can never give you a ranking or your work will never be searchable. ⁠⠀
Don’t fear writing texts on your site. It is also super important to be found. ⁠⠀
In the end, clients are super curious and want to get a feeling they ‘know you a little’, so take every opportunity to make your website as personal as possible.
These are the stunning @macaron_manon and @t.vantrigt on their Indian Summer wedding day in September. I still have so many beautiful weddings to share!
Soon on my site!! 🤩
Never forget: You do You. ⁠⠀

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