Since 4 years or so, I deliver a slideshow to every wedding client.
The slideshow is – after the preview with 30ish photos – the first real finished product clients see of their wedding day.
It’s a compilation of max 120 images, which represent the story of the wedding day. Real storytelling pictures, not staged or posed at all, but a real presentation how the day looked like.
WHY do I think that’s important?
1. It has way more of surprise effect for a client to see their wedding pictures like this, instead of delivering them their online gallery with 700 pictures right away
2. There are very often happy tears involved in watching a wedding slideshow. I love happy tears!
3. The slideshow can easily be shared with their friends and family, and because it’s embedded in my website that means 3′ website traffic each time the slideshow is watched. Hello there Google!
4. It’s a perfect tool to show your wedding pictures to friends and family, if they’re not interested to see all 700 of them (which, honestly, is very often the case)
5. When I send the slideshow to my couple, the final invoice is attached which means I get my money right away cause they have an idea already how awesome (hahaha) their photos are gonna be.
If you are more interested how in detail I make the slideshows, which programs I use and how to embedd it in a site, I’ll explain all of this in my upcoming Workflow Workshop.

βœ¨β €
To all who follow me for some time: you know I strongly believe in getting things done in a professional way.β €
I am sure it will help you grow faster doing things in the most efficient way!β €
So how do I show my deliverables?β €
πŸ’‘β €
No, not wetransfer, google drive or dropbox.β €
Please forget those. These are good for sharing files amongst friends but not as a product to your clients. It’s not professional and these are not tailored for showcasing your photos in the most beautiful way possible.β €
πŸ’₯β €
Showcasing is key. The look and feel that your clients get when seeing their photos is one of the most important steps in being a photographer.β €
Last week I spoke about the importance of a slideshow, today it is about how clients see their photos.β €
πŸŽžβ €
There are a few Photography Gallery options available on the market. All of them are specifically designed for photographers.β €
I use Pic-Time @pictime_us since 2 years and am probably one of their biggest fans.β €
I decided 2 years ago to switch from another gallery to Pic-Time because the interface looked so much nicer and it has so many bonuses for us as photographers.β €
πŸ’Άβ €
Let’s sum up what’s so important to me:β €
1. I upload every-single-shoot I do because it’s also a jpeg backup for me. High Res files are saved on their server and everywhere with 4G or WIFI I can get to my files.β €
2. It looks super pretty and professional to your clients. You can of course customize the look of your gallery, to be in line with your branding. β €
3. Clients can manage their own gallery and hide photos if they want to before sending it to their friends & family.β €
4. There is a built-in photo store – super dummy proof and it offers a lot of other store upselling possibilities. Clients can order prints, frames, etc.β €
πŸŽ‰β €
5. I can share a CODE to give you TWO MONTH free:

There is no golden succes rule for this I’m afraid. It always has something to do with the combination of working hard and a little bit of luck.⁠
My 1st tip would be this: if you go on holiday: SHOOT! Find a cute couple, contact them and shoot them for free. You can even bring a wedding dress and let them ‘play’ to be a wedding couple. It doesn’t really matter how you build your portfolio.⁠
The most important is to return home with images you always dreamed of. Mission accomplished and you can now promote yourself to be a ‘destination photographer’.⁠ WTH that is…
A 2nd possibility once you got an inquiry for a destination wedding is to drop your price so that your couple find it the best deal evahhhhhh.⁠
You probably won’t be amazed that THIS IS NOT MY GO-TO SOLUTION.⁠
It’s a huge ‘trend’ in our wedding business to work β€˜for less’ (or for freeee 🀬😭🀯) and I get rather offended by colleagues who ‘drop their pants of’ by handling destination wedding fees which are too stupid for words.⁠
Cause hence this: working in another country, in hot temperatures, multiple days in a row with only a little rest is DAMN HARD WORK.⁠
If you follow my business tips, dropping your price is never a good idea. Ok maybe you can shoot in Italy, but counting the hours you’ve been away from home, time that you couldn’t work on other projects, is super precious and you need to be paid for that.⁠ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
So my advice: build something yourself, in your own free time. Think of an amazing concept and make your own ‘destination work’. And if you finally get an inquiry, ask a decent price.⁠ Cause it’s damn hard work!
You will thank me later. ⁠

Destination Wedding Spain Destination Wedding Ibiza Destination Wedding Corsica

πŸ˜β €
I *had* to learn this, over the years. Yes as a photographer you want to CREATE and put your creativity in your work and shoot in crazy light and do crazy shit.⁠⠀
but, but.⁠⠀
Never ever forget that your clients just want to have a great time. ⁠⠀
πŸ€©β €
Why do I tell you this? A couple of years ago I was booked for a destination wedding in Italy. Everything was perfect. The weather, the couple, the venue. We went location scouting the day before the wedding and we sorted everything out. The position of the sun, where to shoot. Yes. We were so excited and prepared. But on the wedding day, everything was super hectic and guess what, the couple didn’t want to leave their guests to go shoot for 30 minutes. And I, I was so dissapointed.⁠⠀
Fast forward, beginning of september, Saint Tropez. Similar story, but without the disappointment this time. While their guests were having drinks on the beach, it was ‘the’ moment to take the car and go for a golden hour shoot of 15′, but the groom preferred to hear the speech of one of his best friends and don’t let our shoot interrupt the flow and planning of the day. I suggested the days after to do another golden hour shoot, but they were so tired and didn’t necessarily want a shoot anymore.⁠⠀
β˜€οΈβ €
Would I like to see it differently? Yes, of course, cause I like shooting in crazy beautiful light in the most exotic locations. Does it affect my mood now? No it doesn’t. ⁠⠀
I know I did all I could to persuade them. It is THEIR day. It is THEIR story. It is THEIR choices.⁠⠀
πŸ™β €
Who are we to ‘force’ them and drag them away from their party with loved ones?⁠⠀
Right. We don’t have that right!β €
πŸ˜‚β €

Couple Shoot in the city Home love shoot love shoot at home


A lot of photog followers ask me that question and are super curious how I handle my photoshoots.
I tell every client of mine that my ‘user manual’ is super EASY and SIMPLE.
Here are some tips of mine to rock your (couple) session and capture people HOW THEY REALLY ARE, cause that’s one thing I value a lot as a photographer. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
1. Let them move. A lot. Like this they experience a session as ‘a walk in the park’ instead of ‘an awkward posing game’. And shoot while they move!
2. Play games. Let them interact with each other while playing. I have a game where I let them yell swear words to each other. haha. May sound silly but this is something they don’t usually do as lovers, so it always causes hilarious moments. Moments where I’m shooting as a lunatic of course. (ps. the swearing game is not suitable to every couple, you can also ask them to whisper sweet or naughty things in each others ears)

3. Tell the guy he always has to use both hands and let him imagine that it’s a super cold day and he needs to keep her warm at ALL times.

4. Instead of asking them ‘to stand there and embrace her with both hands’ – tell him this. “IMAGINE she’s doing the dishes and you sneak into her from behind and give her the most cuddly cuddle that she can FEEL from head to toe that you LOVE her so damn much”. Let them IMAGINE a real life situation instead of describing a pose you have in mind.

5. Let them be who they are. Don’t ask them to do silly things, if you know they are not into it. Let them be authentic. Like this, they will feel comfy at all times and they will feel valued and they will trust you as a photographer.
6. I sometimes play music. I have this tiny bluetooth box that perfectly fits in a pocket. If you feel your models need ‘something’ to get them feel comfy, play a feel good spotify list and let them dance! You’ll see the change in 1 minute.

7. Let them dance, make them laugh, tell stupid jokes, let them lick each others ears, WHATEVER.
They will remember how goofy and relaxed they felt, and they will enjoy the photos even more!
And they will tell others, how FUN It was!

So, apart from a decent camera and lenses and a computer, which tools would make me feel LOST if I would have to miss them? ⁠
Here are my TOP 3 TOOLS I can’t miss:⁠
1. My @holdfastgear harness. I usually shoot with 2 identical cameras, but with different lenses, so I always have the two of them ready. The brand above is a very good one, they also make vegan friendly (no leather) straps for those who value this a lot. Another great company is @oldstraps .
They are Portuguese, they don’t really have a website but you can contact them through their IG or FB account. ⁠
2. It will sound boring but my Memory Cards are so super important to me. I use the Sandisk and Sony UHS-II (for cardslot 1) and UHS-I (for aardslot 2) cards. They are fast and very reliable. Don’t go for the cheaper brands. You will regret it, eventually. ⁠
If you have 2 cardslots in your camera, ALWAYS use both of them, both writing the RAW files. ⁠
Also, I never ever format my cards before the shoot is delivered to the clients, which means in high season my desk if full of little baskets with ongoing projects on the SD cards. I invested a sh*tload of money in cards, but like this, it really gives me peace in my mind…⁠
3. I don’t suncaps for my lenses (because I love the flares), but I DO use protection filters for them. Lenses are a huge investment and because I move around like a lunatic they sometimes hit the floor, so I protect the precious glass of my lens with a normal UV protection filter. I always order the ones from B+W. Good reliable brand. ⁠
4. Bonus. Invest in PLENTY of hard drives, do NOT stores large RAW files on your laptop or desktop cause it will make your device super slow. I have a Synology NAS and a LACIE RAID BU system at home, which gives me a fast and automatic Backup storage of all my Raw data. ⁠
Have another important Tool in your process? Let me know in Comments! ⁠
#Tiptuesday #leentjeloveslight
Laura @aprilbossable and her Wouter on their civil wedding, last Saturday

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