Pascale and her Michael got married in Antwerp in the beginning of August. They chose not to give a big party, but instead they spent the day with a very small group of best friends and closest family. And in the evening, they booked me for a sunset wedding shoot! That’s called priorities! Hahaaaa.

We went shooting in one of my favorite places in Flanders, ‘De Kalmthoutse Heide’, which is a huge nature reserve, and is the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, in every season. Do you remember the winter sunset engagement shoot I did there? I think this place is blessed, cause every time I go there, the weather is on my side! For this sunset wedding shoot we started around 8:30 PM and ended when it was getting real dark, around 10 or so. This is my favorite light and it’s so easy to create magical images in this setting. Every embrace gets so much warmer in this adorable light.

Back to Pascale and Michael. Real high school sweethearts. And their love for each other is damn strong, you can tell! They are now enjoying their honeymoon, but I’m sure you all will get warm looking at these cuddles and smiles of happiness. They are to die for, I warn you.

Enjoy looking at these amazing and funny humans. I’ll hope to see and shoot you another time! It was so damn FUN!

Both Pascale’s dress and Michael’s suit were designed in Hanoi, Vietnam, when they travelled there, last year. (Been there too in 2011 and this is the place to be if you want custom made clothes!). At the moment they are also celebrating their love and life in Asia. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I love their view on life, their love for traveling and the way they live their dream.

Lots of love,




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