A couple of months ago Davy and myself started brainstorming about a styled bridal shoot. I know Davy for a while now, we met somewhere in 2010, we both just started our business and shared experiences. He was a starting wedding planner, and I a photographer of course.

We live in the same city, so meeting each other is very easy. We worked together on some real weddings in the meantime, so it was about time we collaborated in a creative project.

I love doing styled shoots, but only had experience in some conceptual model work. Davy and myself wanted to make something extraordinary. I love following blogs with styled couple or bridal shoots, but what annoys me most of time is the super neat and clean shots, like everything is picture perfect.

I wanted to make something more raw, it didn’t necessarily be something real-life looking, but something which blows your mind and even more, your fantasy.

So we brainstormed, and came up with owls, smoke, and a darker mood. All fell into pieces, and we are very happy with the result we can share with you.

The day of the shoot was ‘perfect’ for the mood we wanted to create. Pooring rain in the morning, so bad we feared we had to blow of the shoot, but luckily after noon, it cleared up. The dark clouds were just what I wished for. It only could have been a little warmer, cause I tell you, Lauren, our beautiful model, was freezing!

Here the credits of our Wonderful Whimsical team:

Styling and Co-Organisation: Davy Achten – Alle Gebeure Wedding planning & styling; Model: Lauren Niko; Make-up & Hair: Eefje Bolsens; Stationary: Mieke De Grauw; Bridal Dress: Rembo Styling; Birds: Koen Gysemans – Bubo Africanus; Cake Design: Tam Trinth & Luc Reichert – Sugarlips Cakes; Florist: Hilde Pollet – Pand 33; Photography: Leentje Schoofs – Leentje loves Light

Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0001 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0002 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0007 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0004 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0008 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0003 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0009 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0006 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0010 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0005 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0012 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0022 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0020 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0029 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0024 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0025 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0026 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0031 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0033 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0032 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0019 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0034 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0028 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0027 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0016 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0023 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0011 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0021 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0018 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0017 Styled-Whimsical-Fairytale-Shoot_0013

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