This spring is filled with engagement shoots. As soon as the first sun was out, my mailbox got filled up quickly with a lot of inquiries for love sessions. Preferably in good weather, preferably not too cold and definitely no rain 🙂

As I’m superwoman, (uhum), all the engagement shoots so far met these very strict expectations. <wipes sweat off the forehead>.

So here we are, meet Hannelore and Glenn. Preferably (this time a wish from my side), MADLY in love, and very cuddly and sweet. Check. Davy from Weddingplanning Alle Gebeure arranged the beautiful styling for this shoot, and on top of that, we had an extra guest, a four legged one, which is Hannelore’s horse, Fynn. As I’m a horselover myself, I just knew this shoot was going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Although shooting with a horse is not easy (I know from previous horse-shoot-experiences), and the fact that Fynn is still very young, I think we really did a good job. And on top of that, we had big fun!

The weather was fine and Hannelore and Glenn already told me they are happy with the results. I promise, Hannelore and Glenn, I try my best to outdo myself on your wedding day!

Lots of love,


Team Credits: Models: the amazing Hannelore and Glenn, Horse: Fynn, Makeup and Hair: MooiZo – Eefje Bolsens, Styling: Weddingplanning Alle Gebeure – Davy Achten

Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0022Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0011 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0004 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0005 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0028 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0027 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0031 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0023 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0024 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0026 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0032 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0029 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0007 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0002 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0008 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0010 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0034 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0009 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0017 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0016 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0014 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0021 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0018 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0012 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0003 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0020 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0019 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0025 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0030 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0033 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0015 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0013 Engagement-Shoot-Styled-Hannelore-Glenn_0001

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