Roadtrip Iceland

Roadtrip Iceland. Wanderlust. And so much more. I don’t even know where to start, I have so many beautiful photos and stories to share. This is the journal of only 3 days on the road. A lot of miles. A lot of oohhhhhhhh’s and ahhhhhhhhhh’s. Snow, ice, lakes, oceans, glaciers, mountains, geysirs and hot sources, smoke, horses and sheep, waterfalls, lava, rocks, cliffs, birds, and so much more. Underneath, in red, the route I travelled.

route iceland

The first day, Jeanine, Nicole and myself went for a long day and drove north of Reykjavik, to Foraging – Hvalfjörður with magnificent views, did a tiny bit of the way too touristic ‘Golden Circle’ near Þingvellir, which is the place where the North American & Eurasian tectonic plates are slowly splitting apart from each other, creating deep fissures in the ground. Afterwards we drove all the way down to Stokkseyri, to follow the coastal road near Strandakirkja and Grindavik to the majestic Reykjanesviti at sunset. That’s where the hot sources are also to be found, where we enjoyed the freezing cold wind and sunset light to return with some kickass (and natural) smoke shots…

I felt so happy to share this experience with two beautiful souls. Both very talented photographers. Jeanine, wife and mother of 2, Luxembourgeoise, honest and beautiful soul, a true artist. And Nicole, 30 something, happy Austrian girl living at a farm with her boyfriend, addicted to Iceland (her 10th time here) that she even bought an Icelandic horse here some time ago to get it exported to Austria. The girl everyone feels an immediate connection with.

3 girls, crazy for adventures, life lovers, laughing out louders, enjoying sun, wind, snow, rain. And photographing each other. The first trip I had with 2 soulmates, where I felt totally comfortable getting my picture taken. So, Jeanine and Nicole, thanks a lot for the beautiful photos you took of me!

[All landscapes pictures (and an occasional self portrait) by me. Pictures of me are either by Nicole or Jeanine. All is edited by myself. All taken with Canon 5D mk III, with 35mm and 85mm lenses.]Roadtrip-Iceland_0001 Roadtrip-Iceland_0002 Roadtrip-Iceland_0003 Roadtrip-Iceland_0004 Roadtrip-Iceland_0005 Roadtrip-Iceland_0006 Roadtrip-Iceland_0007 Roadtrip-Iceland_0008 Roadtrip-Iceland_0022Roadtrip-Iceland_0009 Roadtrip-Iceland_0010 Roadtrip-Iceland_0011 Roadtrip-Iceland_0012 Roadtrip-Iceland_0013 Roadtrip-Iceland_0014 Roadtrip-Iceland_0015 Roadtrip-Iceland_0016 Roadtrip-Iceland_0017 Roadtrip-Iceland_0018 Roadtrip-Iceland_0019 Roadtrip-Iceland_0020 Roadtrip-Iceland_0021  Roadtrip-Iceland_0023 Roadtrip-Iceland_0024

What a day that was. Overwhelmed would be an understatement. Doing happy dances like a 4 year old toddler. Yes that’s me. After reflecting the day with a beer in the(also natural) hot tub at our Air Bnb, we went to bed at 1:30. The next day, we drove to Reykjavik, enjoyed the city for a bit and went out for the shoot with the beautiful Guðlaug .

The next 2 days were filled with a workshop, another shoot with Ursula & Einar, some shooting at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (will post this later), and some partying. Sadly after the 2 workshop days, Jeanine and Nicole had to fly home.

So hello, it’s me. All alone. With my beloved Skoda Octavia. So I took off, with the useful tips & tricks of Nicole (my private Iceland guide) in my mind.

I again did a small part of the ‘Golden Circle‘ just picking small bits and pieces I like, because I know myself, I just hate being in the middle of too many tourists… I visited the magnificent Crater Lake of Kerið, and drove further to Geysir and Gulfoss Waterfall. All beautiful but too crowded. So took off again to explore more desolated roads.

Roadtrip-Iceland_0025 Roadtrip-Iceland_0026 Roadtrip-Iceland_0027 Roadtrip-Iceland_0028Roadtrip-Iceland_0063Roadtrip-Iceland_0029 Roadtrip-Iceland_0030 Roadtrip-Iceland_0031 Roadtrip-Iceland_0032Went ‘into’ the secret waterfall Gljúfrabúi. Getting wet, wet, weeeeetttttttt!Roadtrip-Iceland_0033 Roadtrip-Iceland_0034 Roadtrip-Iceland_0035

Hiked to the Secret Pool, close to Eyjafjallajökull (and tripped over a stone so hard, that now, 3 weeks later, the bruise on my butt is still visible). Roadtrip-Iceland_0036 Roadtrip-Iceland_0037 Roadtrip-Iceland_0038 Roadtrip-Iceland_0039

Waited at Skogafoss waterfall until no-one was in my frame.Roadtrip-Iceland_0040

Shot a wedding at the Plane Wreck near Vik. Roadtrip-Iceland_0041

HAHAHAHAHA. NAH JUST KIDDING. This Chinese couple (with their 5 headed crew) was apparently already there 1,5h before I arrived from my 4km walk from the car to the beach. They kept on shooting. And I was super annoyed cause I wanted my desolated self portrait with the setting sun. So after 1 hour (not kidding) of patience, I kindly asked them to move away from the plane for only 5 minutes, which they did. They must have stayed there at least an hour longer, cause when I arrived back at my car, there was still no sight of them. To be continued….Roadtrip-Iceland_0042 Roadtrip-Iceland_0043 Roadtrip-Iceland_0044

I drove and drove, passed Vik, thinking by myself “ohhh, it’s still light, I’ll drive until the next city to find a place to sleep”. Of course I didn’t check my map properly, the next city, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, was 72 km away and my diesel tank was running low… So I was getting quite stressed, but still made some detours to shoot the beautiful landscape… Luckily I managed to find a hotel at 23:30, dead tired, and with a head full of excitement.

Roadtrip-Iceland_0045 Roadtrip-Iceland_0046

Next day, BLUE SKY. Driving back to Vik with a full tank and only a few hours of sleep. A long road to go, cause that evening I need to be back at the airport. Roadtrip-Iceland_0047 Roadtrip-Iceland_0048 Roadtrip-Iceland_0049 Roadtrip-Iceland_0050 Roadtrip-Iceland_0051 Roadtrip-Iceland_0052

Vik and its black sand beaches and very known basalt rock formations. You have to look closely, but it’s me there, posing like a pro. And yes, who arrived there too? The Chinese Couple with their 3 photographers, 1 videographer and 1 drone-grapher. Too funny, but luckily I was finished already this time.Roadtrip-Iceland_0053

Tested my off road skills with my Skoda, but decided I had to make a U turn (too steep and too bumpy…) So took the touristic road to see some glaciers. A lill bit disappointed I didn’t arrive here earlier, cause I would have loved to walk on the ice, but for that, you need some technical gear and a guide, and I was too late for that…Roadtrip-Iceland_0054 Roadtrip-Iceland_0055 Roadtrip-Iceland_0056 Roadtrip-Iceland_0057 Roadtrip-Iceland_0058

And last but not least, to enjoy my final evening, I decided to drive BACK to Reykjanesviti, where us 3 girls also were the first evening. Cause I just KNEW the sunset was gonna be…. wait for it…. LEGENDARY.Roadtrip-Iceland_0059 Roadtrip-Iceland_0060 Roadtrip-Iceland_0061 Roadtrip-Iceland_0062

After soaking up my last rays of Icelandic sunlight, on this desolated rocky beach, all on my own, I drove to Keflavik and found myself a hotel room. Cleaned up the mess in my car, and went to bed. Next morning, at 5, I dropped up my friend the Skoda and flew back to my beloved Belgium, where the temperature was 20 °C warmer.

I promise, Iceland, I will be bbbbaccckkkk!


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