Portrait Photographer in Cantabria – A story of Amber

We were in Cantabria last summer. Never heard of that place before until we decided to look for a surf- and family friendly location in Spain. We had a teenager ànd a baby to please.

As soon as we entered the green sceneries of Cantabria I really wondered why oh why we never thaught of visiting this place before. The Atlantic ocean hits the cliffs and the beaches and immediately blends over into a green world with hills and mountains and… aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t even find the words to describe how breathtaking beautiful this place in the North of Spain really is. We never bothered about the lack of tourists, we could count the foreign cars we saw on 2 hands… how amazing is that?

Amber is my plus daughter, this 17 years old stunning girl is one of our son’s godmothers and she is the sweetest. She takes so well care of her baby brother and I fully trust her. She goes with us on holidays whenever she wants to and we always try to find a location that she likes as well. I think we nailed it, this summer in Cantabria. Our rental house was nice, the beach was at walking distance, and the surf was good.

And she? She is posing without knowing how to pose. She is insecure in this cute way, tells me I could not show these pictures to her dad or to her grandparents. But afterwards, she is so damn happy and finally believes me that she is SO PHOTOGENIC.

the end.


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