Magnolia blossom bridal editorial

Oh Magnolia. I love that tree so much. Especially 1,5 week per year when it blossoms. So this year I just had to do my Magnolia Blossom Bridal Editorial. The shoot I dreamed about since last year, when I spotted the perfect tree.

So this year I checked the tree again. Perfection it is. Proudly positioned in a backyard of a little house in Herent. So I rang the doorbell, and an sweet grandpa opened his door and his smile grew bigger when I explained him who I was and what I wanted to do in his backyard. He invited me to take a closer look to the magnolia tree while he told me the stories about this big jewel in his garden. They planted the tree 35 years ago, when they were the first to buy land in this street and built their house. He was very proud of his magnolia, you could tell, and he and his wife were delighted I wanted to come over the next day with two models.

I was happy, and promised them to come and give a print of this shoot, as they were gone when we were shooting the next day. And the location? Well that’s a secret… (you might succeed in bribing me).

With this editorial we wanted to show you different ways of being a bride. Last years it is getting more popular to have your civil ceremony at another day, preferably a week (or more) before the ‘real’ wedding. Bridal Fashion brands are following this trend and are designing more and more different dress styles. We show you 3 ways: the classical long gown, the very romantic shorter (knee hight) dresses, and the cool but sophisticated top & trousers look. The different fashion labels are to be found underneath. And it all merged perfectly in the magnolia blossom.

The models are Laura May and Michelle Warneke.

Wardrobe: Outfit 1. Bridal Dresses. Rembo Styling / Outfit 2. Short Dresses. White short lace dress (Michelle):  Tara Jarmon, Pink dress and white lace coat (Laura): Suncoo and  Tara Jarmon / Outfit 3. Top & Trousers. Both Trousers:  Tara Jarmon. Silk Top (Laura): Tara Jarmon. Pink pull (Laura): Des Petites Hauts. Hand knitted pull (Michelle): Rembo Styling.


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