Love Shoot La Graciosa

I met up with a bunch of like minded people in La Graciosa, Canary Islands in November. Inspirational souls, beautiful people, storytellers, life lovers. As a photographer, you need a certain talent to connect with people, and above all, let your clients connect with each other. Even with people who are madly in love, that ‘connection’ thing is not always easy. They don’t know how to act in front of the camera, they feel awkward, and clients often tell me they think of themselves they are ‘not photogenic’.

The truth is, you don’t need to be beautiful or photogenic to have mind-blowing pictures. You just need to show the world you love each other. Isn’t that a simple thing?

Meet Hallie and Gaia. Hallie, crazy American, living in Michigan. Gaia, a true inspirational young woman, from Slovenia, currently living in Berlin. The truth is, they know each other only for 5 days. They are not a couple. haha. But I am sure, if I didn’t tell you this little secret, you all would think these stunning girls are MADLY in love with each other. We just had a early morning crazy shoot, when the town was slowly waking up, and they just showed us how to connect with each other.

If these girls can do it, I’m sure real couples can do it even better!

Whisper, touch, and love each other!

PS after spending a week together, we all loved each other. So yes, I call it a love shoot. Thanks girls, it was a true blessing to have you in front of my lens!

Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0001 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0002 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0003 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0004 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0005  Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0007 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0008 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0009 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0010 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0011 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0012 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0006Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0013 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0014 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0015 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0016 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0017 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0018 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0019 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0020 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0021 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0022 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0023 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0024 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0025 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0026 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0027 Love-session-la-graciosa-canary-islands_0028


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