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What makes you unique is worth preserving!

Choosing a partner or a family, building a brand or cultivating self-love: it is not gambling but daring.

I have put together clear packages. This way, all cards are on the table, and our adventure starts with respect.

Wedding photography

first look — ceremony — love shoot — reception — party


Getting married? Congratulations! But do it your way. With a photographer who wants to understand you and goes far to do so. Up to my waist in the water-far. Quebec in Canada-far. Aerial photos with drone-far. I will be your help ensuring that your wedding is not only beautiful, but also completely your thing. You make your dreams come true, I’ll provide the memories. The kind that will cause laughter and emotion within 30 years.

classy huwelijk in Antwerpen


  • preparation and transport
  • coverage of 8 hours
  • preview and slideshow

from €3.950

  • online gallery with 600+ edited images
  • mini album
  • online shop with prints, frames and other photo products

“JYou gave us a combination of images alternating color and black and white, sharpness and blur, conscious and less conscious moments. Through your photos you captured every moment for us very beautifully. From sappy chats, a fairytale insane asylum, emotional smiles to posed family portraits and minute, intimate details. You made our most beautiful day an everlasting memory.”

– Judie & Olivier
lifestyle shoot zwangerschap in de Kalmthoutse heide


pregnancy shoot — newborn shoot — family shoot — love shoot


Are you pregnant or have a newborn baby? Do you want a family shoot to capture your unorganized life? Or show love for your partner, but in a different way?

I lead the way and follow your pace, casually and openly.

The result is images that are eager to bring back memories.


  • preparation & transport
  • shoot of 1,5 to 3h

from €880

  • online gallery with 15 / 30 / 100+ edited images
  • print credit

“Unique, Honest, Sincere, Casual, Funny, Authentic. Strange actually, Leentje knows who we are and what we are like, without having had any really long conversations. She has a gift and a natural talent.”

– Liesbeth

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Editorial & business

business branding — brand storytelling — collection shoot


Your fashion or lifestyle brand is more than the sum of its products or services: it is a lifestyle with an inspiring story. Shall we tell that, with image scroll stops?

I think along with your team (from the start!) about the concept and mood board, the location and styling. The result is images that bring your brand to life, original and powerful.

editorial fotografie voor een juwelenmerk


  • Creative and practical involvement, from start to finish
  • Valuable network of professionals & locations
Contact me

from €550 excl vat.

  • Online gallery with images in low and high resolution
  • Slideshow for social media

You see the photo before it is taken, so as a “non-model” you were able to perfectly show me what to do and how to stand. I felt very comfortable and can’t wait for the next shoot.

– Gudrun

female fragile freedom

Female fragile freedom

Picture powerful above picture perfect

Self-love is 50% daring and 50% being proud that you dare

Do you want to celebrate who you are? Closing what is past or welcoming what is to come? Showing vulnerability without excuses or ridicule? Female fragile freedom is a shoot in gentle seas of time and warmth. You full of character, I full of admiration. And images that will be discovered in the attic with red jaws within a hundred years.


  • preparation and transport
  • shoot of 1,5 up to 3h

from €880

  • online gallery with 15 / 30 / 100+ edited images
  • print credit

“It was my little secret. Nothing or no one was going to stop me. The corners of my mouth lifted automatically when I saw myself enjoying myself on that field – skipping through the meadow, with my hands caressing my hips and ruffling my wild hair.”

– Shari

Do you have another shoot in mind?

I like surprises!


koppel shoot in een Belgische steengroeve


Count on one to three months. The further in advance you contact me, the more options you will find in my agenda. For weddings I am often booked more than a year in advance.

I always send you a preview: a slideshow with my selection of the best images. After this, select the package that suits you best, with the number of images and print credit of your choice.

Two weeks before the shoot I will send you an extensive list of tips and points of interest.

YAY, Shooting time!

Two weeks prior to the shoot I will send you an extensive list of tips and points of interest. This way you can prepare optimally.

As a photographer I have a preference for adventure and challenge, also when it comes to the location: it has a major impact on the result. I am curious about your preferences in terms of style and atmosphere, but if you cannot make up your mind or you don’t have inspiration, I am happy to make suggestions for special and accessible places.

Then you’ve come to the right place: my photo shoots are not conventional posing sessions. I attach great importance to conviviality and a relaxed atmosphere, and I have a good dose of human knowledge. I will guide you through uncertainty or skepticism, because everyone has the right to look good on screen!

koppel fotoshoot in Brugge stad
female freedom shoot bij ondergaande zon in de natuur

After the shoot

Maximum 6 week after the shoot you will have your end result.

You have all the time for that: you can choose this yourself via my photo platform.


familiestoot in een steengroeve
zwart wit portret van een vrouw die duidelijk gelukkig is
moderne shoot in de haven
zwangerschapsstoot in het water
logo Leentje loves Light blauw

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