Intimate Wedding in Monnikenhof van Vlierbeek

Jennifer and Maarten contacted me just a few weeks before their intimate wedding in Monnikenhof van Vlierbeek. They got their legal wedding in Leuven City Hall on a Saturday I was still free (cause I shot a full day wedding on the Friday before) and their real party was on a Wednesday mid August (Bank holiday in Belgium). So hey! I love these last minute weddings!

Jennifer is originally from the US, where she met Maarten while he was traveling the country. She followed him to Belgium, and she absolutely LOVES the life here. Maarten is a professional classic guitar player and teacher, Jenn is working as a copywriter. How creative souls have found each other. Their wedding day was in ‘petit comité’. Her closest family and friends flew over from the US to celebrate this day, together with Maarten’s family and friends. Later this year they will hold their second wedding party in the US, typical American style. So curious how that would be… We started the day with a very intimate shoot in the gardens of the venue (say HI to the donkeys), followed by a garden ceremony in a very small group, lead by a pastor.

I could be part of this day in Monnikenhof van Vlierbeek, a beautiful gem in Geetbets and was so happy for this wonderful day! We had stunning light!

Thanks that I could be there!

Lots of love,



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