When my trip to Iceland was coming closer, I really started to make plans for wicked shoots in that beautiful country. One of them was an ‘Iceland Bridal Shoot’. It was such an opportunity to shoot in a totally different atmosphere and vibe. Online, I found this beautiful girl named Ursula, a normal girl, without modeling experience, whom I asked to pose in this beautiful dress.

As insecure she was in the beginning, after a couple of minutes she started to feel like a real bride in this beautiful gown of Rembo Styling. The wind played with her beautiful hair and with the soft light fabric of the dress, and she became one with nature.

After this short cold session, I also shot her together with her boyfriend. This shoot you can find here!

We had a blast together! And I would really like to thank Rembo Styling for trusting me to take the dresses with me on my wicked adventures! Later this year, I’m up for other adventures in the Canary Islands! So stay tuned!

Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0001 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0004 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0003 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0013 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0008 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0011 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0006 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0007 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0012 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0016 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0009 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0010 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0017 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0014 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0002 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0005 Bridal-Shoot-Rembo-Styling-Iceland_0015

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