Photographer of extraordinary moments, mentor for extraordinary photographers

Wedding at House Empire Bruges

Claiming the leading role in your memories: that’s why you’re here.

And me too.

Those unique memories still need to be made, but first of all, you are looking for a photographer who understands you.

Cause you are special, and that’s what you expect from the photos too.

Let’s follow less, and dare more!


I am Leentje.

Bringing my ‘nothing is too crazy’ attitude to high-end wedding photography since 2011. As an entrepreneur I guide other photographers to sustainable success.

I know what is to be called a contrarian. To make your way everywhere, alone, and how lonely it is.

That’s why I am happy to be your accomplice, the one who understands you and cheers for you. The one who watches over what makes you unique, and ensures the memories will be as well. So that you can fully enjoy every moment, confident in the result.

“A wedding. A pregnancy shoot the year after. Again a wedding, of the brother in law this time. If clients give me the feeling I’m part of the family, that’s where I want to be”

What would your memories look like if you dared to choose what you really want?

Discover my services and claim the leading role in your story.

Wedding Photography

Intimate or grand, in your native village or between snow-capped mountain peaks: I tell the story of a day in a thousand. I guarantee surprise, emotion and laughter, now and within 30 years.

Lifestyle, editorial or female freedom

Photo sessions about what should be remembered, and a middle finger to the expectations of others.

Mentoring for photographers

Workshops, training and coaching to build your business and your network. An abundance of advice and assistance, without secrets or competition.

“Thank you for calming down my mom in the morning, thank you for making our 91 year old mom look like a 60 year old, thank you for always choosing our good angle, thank you for the Charlotte De Witte music during the couples shoot because we love techno, thank you for eating that last piece of cake, thank you for 1000 things that are priceless.”

– Shanna

In addition to the most beautiful, do you also want to bring out the craziest in your guests?

Rent a Photo Booth for your party!

I Want That Photo Booth

Curious about those images, and especially, the stories?

I thought you’d never ask!

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