Garden Outdoor Wedding in Bruges

What my reaction is if I’m asked for a garden outdoor wedding in Bruges? Oh yeah baby yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Charlotte and Jan Baptist came to me by word of mouth. I’ve photographed a few weddings in Bruges the last seasons and it’s always so nice to come back. Extra plus is that my parents in law live there, so I always have a place to sleep! But now back to the story of these two, cause it’s a funny one.

A few years ago Charlotte stumbled into JanBa’s delicatesse & traiteur shop in the city center of Bruges, Deldycke Traiteurs. She worked in the neighborhood and was on the search for a quick and healthy lunch. She got served by JanBa, he managed to get an instant smile on her face, she paid her freshly made sandwich and she walked out. I guess everyone wanted to know JanBa’s secret afterwards, cause Charlotte couldn’t stop talking about him to her friends and colleagues. Long story short: a few days later she visited Deldycke again and they talked for a little longer and she managed to get his number ànd a date. The rest is history. It didn’t take long for them to move in with each other and Charlotte decided to step in the Deldycke family business. They work besides each other in the shop and on parties across the country and their love grew even more.

They decided to have a classical ceremony in the church. Charlotte was brought there by 4 horses, which was very important to them, as JanBa is a member of the Bruges Club of Hunting (with horses). The classical but very fun church ceremony (you’ll see in the pictures) was followed by an atypical garden wedding with the theme ‘sheep’. A close friend to the family opened up her beautiful garden in the countryside and Charlotte and Jan Baptist did their magic. Of course they are used to organise big parties as it’s what they professionally do, but even I was surprised. The entire garden was so nicely decorated, and they did it all by themselves. A big stretch tent, a detox bar, a barrel of 1000 liters of beer, and even the ‘pipi-bar’. And all of this surrounded by fields with sheep and cows under the perfect summer sun.

If you ‘d like to have a wedding like this, sign me up please! I just love these days!

A few vendors of the day: Organization and styling: Deldycke / IceTruck: Zwarte Koe / Stretch Tent: Organic Concept


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