Be kind to yourself

and dare to look with feminine tenderness

I seek beauty with you, and I will find it in the smallest things.

Just so you know…

I don’t aim for ‘sexy’

It is my mission that you feel beautiful. That you can shine in your purest form, that you can forget what everyone else thinks of you. I won’t model you in challenging poses, quite the contrary. I capture who you are with gentleness. We put on some music that calms you down.

… but look for fragility…

You do this primarily for yourself. Because you are allowed to be seen. Because you may give those insecurities a place. Because your fragility is something very beautiful. Because you may be celebrated, in the challenge this life may be.

… and freedom.

I’m not much into beauty standards. I admit, I had to learn that. I feel better and more liberated in my body now, and want to give you that feeling too.

I listen, sense, watch, and capture. I believe I’m pretty good at that.

Shall we have a drink on it?

I take my time. Because these pictures don’t meet their purpose when we’re in a hurry. I don’t look at my clock, I just look at you and the light.

We enjoy those moments. I am listening.

These photos are there forever. And that’s why with every female fragile freedom session, I want you to receive not only digital files, but also something tangible. Photos on a beautiful print, an album, or a beautiful enlargement in a frame. To secretly cherish or just to show off.

I work with a shoot fee of €290. That covers all the preparation, a call, carefully choosing an appropriate location, sending a pdf full of tips, and the shooting itself.

After our shoot, I get to work and very carefully choose the images in which you shine. I edit the images with equal softness. I make sure that the atmosphere of the moment is totally reflected and I create a slideshow that makes that purity glow.

Finally, you can choose from 3 different collections, each with some high resolution downloads as well as a credit for my online photo store.

Always included

from €880 incl vat (shootfee + collection)

  • A call to get to know each other
  • Help with moodboard
  • Help with location
  • Calmless
  • Some digital files (in packages) and print credit!

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