In the beginning of the month Sofie & Nicolas brought me to the Belgian coast. This time to Knokke, for an engagement shoot. I always love shooting at the sea side, as I enjoy the feeling of the wind in my hair, the smell of the salty sea and the endless horizon. It’s also the best scenery to have different backgrounds, because you can shoot at the beach, in the water, in the dunes and have so much freedom. Your couple has enough space to move and you as a photographer can keep your distance in the beginning.

Sofie & Nicolas wanted to come to Knokke as they both lived there, they worked in the same beach bar. They both lost their heart there, I can tell. (For the Flemish readers, couldn’t stop thinking about this super funny Knokke-Le-Zoute movie, a must watch!)

We enjoyed this warm (and a bit cloudy) Sunday morning full of laughs, outfit changes in the middle of the beach, wet feet and the company of these sweet horses in the dunes.

Sofie and Nicolas are gonna tie the knot next year, at the same venue both of their parents got married. Obviously I couldn’t say no to this awesome story. And I feel honored to continue telling these tales of love. And looking forward to 2017, already!

sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0001 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0002 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0007 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0005 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0006 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0010 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0003 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0023 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0009 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0004 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0013 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0035 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0012 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0024 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0011 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0008 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0015sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0030 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0019 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0026 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0017 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0029 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0014 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0021 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0016 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0033 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0031 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0028 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0025 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0022   sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0034 sofie-nicolas-verlovingsshoot-kust-knokke_0032

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