Brugge Engagement Shoot

Sam emailed me in autumn with the message that he and his girl would love to do an engagement shoot in Brugge. He is originally Belgian but moved to the Philippines to live with his love, Gwen. They spent the holidays in Europe so they came up with the amazing idea to do this editorial style engagement shoot. What can I say? I was friggin excited. And I don’t know what happened with the weather in december, but every time I went shooting that month, the weather was alway a dream. Also that cold morning of December 30th. The best morning light. Yes, we started early, that’s part of the job!

We met up in their hotel, went quickly outside and saw the city wake up slowly.

Minus-damn-it-was-so-cold and the brave Gwen insisted to take of her coat every single time we were shooting. We froze our toes of, but the mystery of the cold and the perfect morning light was a killer combination. Luckily I’m quite familiar in Bruges, as my family in law lives there, so I could easily take them to all the beautiful places in high-heels-walking-distance in the city center.

After 2 hours of strolling around, our hands were cold, Gwen’s feet hurt, and my eyes full of tears of the cold wind, we called it ‘a wrap’. Gwen and Sam returned to their hotel and packed their stuff to continue their travels in Europe.

Thanks for having me in beautiful Bruges, Gwen & Sam! It was so fun shooting you!



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