Engagement Shoot Antwerp

A few months ago I received a very sweet email from Katelijne. She asked me if I wanted to do an engagement shoot in Antwerp. Why not, I thought, and I was happy I got to know the beautiful love story of Katelijne and her Thomas.

Katelijne was divorced for some time already. One weekend she went to visit one of her friends who was living and working in Switzerland. At a party that weekend, she met Thomas. They fell in love, and after a short while, Katelijne decided to move to her love. They live together in the beautiful Swiss countryside, and the rest is history.

I met them at the MAS in the centre of Antwerp, where we did the first part of our shoot. Afterwards we went to the Schelde. It was so heartwarming to see the love between these two. So madly in love, so sweet. This shoot definitely learned me that love has no age. And of the quotes I will remember of this shoot, is when I asked Thomas if he had children. “No”, he said, “I always wanted children, but I never got the meet the right woman. I’m sure, if I had known Katelijne at an earlier stage in my life, we would have five children together”. I tell you, writing this gives me goosebumps.

Now, a few weeks later, they got married, both in Antwerp and in Switzerland as well!

Thanks Kat & Tom, for the laughs and the nice atmosphere we had during this engagement shoot!

Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0013 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0014 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0015 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0016 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0017 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0018 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0019 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0020 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0021 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0022 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0023 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0024 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0025 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0026 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0027 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0028 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0029 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0030 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0031 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0032 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0033 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0034 Katelijne-Thomas-Verloving-Antwerpen_0035


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