New logo and new branding


With the new site I asked the graphic designers of Kpot to design a new logo and new branding for me. The journey towards the result was really interesting and I can refer them to anyone wanting to get something designed which reflects your brand and even more important, your personality.

After the new website, it was time to think about new ways of packaging for my wedding products. Unfortunately, I had to throw away all the old stationary and DVD cases. Old logo = a no-can-do to distribute…

After an interesting journey of searching what’s available on the market, I came across the beautiful wooden products of Wooden Banana. They engraved my logo in the box and on the tiny beautiful USB disk. Once they were delivered from the UK, I used my love for nature and anything organic to fill up the beautiful boxes. My garden is my inspiration as for my first client box it was filled up with wood and rosemary. And say whatttttttt – my clients loved it!

Really happy to share the result! So lovely wedding clients, this is what you get this season!

Lots of love,


leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0001 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0002 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0006 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0007 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0003 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0004 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0005 leentjeloveslight-packaging-branding_0008

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