Hi there!

I’m a portrait, love and wedding photographer based in a little town on a hill near Leuven, Belgium. I love exploring new horizons, goofing around with my boyfriend Ruben and our (half dog-half human) ginger Cocker Spaniel named Floor, and almost everything which takes me outside. Except on these rainy, windy, cold autumn days… #netflixandchill…

My approach in photography is very straight forward. I’m just a normal girl with a black camera, and I take pictures of everything that happens. Besides making technically good and beautiful pictures, I always tell a visual story. Not only will you be part of the story, but all your details and the people around you will be too. My goal is to capture all moments, so you can tell your stories to future generations.

10 things that I absolutely LOVE…

  • the smell of rain on a summer evening
  • walking all day long in my havaianas (although my boyfriend hates flipflops)
  • faces with freckles (oh yes I love mine as well)
  • peanut butter. I’d eat it with a spoon.
  • ski-ing and everything mountain involved. If I would move to another country, it would be somewhere with lots of mountains and snow
  • a beautiful sunrise. sadly i love sleeping more.
  • the reflection I see in sunglasses
  • long windy hair don’t care – especially in photoshoots!
  • a good cappuccino
  • and a bi-weekly dosis of sushi.


I love to photograph everything with a laid back feeling. I’m not a traditional girl, I love everything creative, freeminded, DIY, bohemian, flowerish, from farm to field, …

My eyes start to twinkle when I feel the sparkle between two people, my hearts starts beating when I see a wedding with lots of special personal touches.

I like the honest, adventurous, crazy creative kinda people, because, that’s how I am as well!


Please contact me if you need my exact address.

Leentje loves Light aka Leentje Schoofs
3212 Pellenberg – Belgium (Leuven region)
VAT/BTW BE0563.555.053

+32 473 975 028
Available for meetings on weekday evenings.