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Mysterious Fashion Shoot with Cléo


Last weekend I did a mysterious fashion shoot with Cléo.

Cléo is an actress, and teaches theater and acting in different art schools. She’s a very artistic person, not a typical ‘model-model’. And that’s what I liked about her when she asked me to shoot and I saw her arty portfolio.

I knew I could ask her to do weird stuff. I knew I could ask her to act. She didn’t give me these typical model poses, and that was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to create something different. Some weirder stuff, and we just freestyled a little and had fun on trees and in a rapeseed field under de setting sun.

The shooting location is at walking distance from my home, a place I almost visit daily with my dog. So I went there by bike, isn’t that awesome? No fancy stuff, just some playing around and enjoying the last bits of daylight in these short autumn days.

I liked this series so much, that I edited it on the same evening that I shot it. No fancy photoshop retouching, just natural. As she is. Because that’s what I like the most.

All pictures shot with Canon 5D mk III en IV and Canon prime lenses 35mmL and 85mmL.

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