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…for weddings…

You are relaxed, very down to earth, a little bit crazy, and don’t take life too seriously. You enjoy planning the wedding of your dreams. You have all the ideas in your head and you just know everything is gonna fall into its place.

You don’t need all the traditional classical shizzle, you just want to have a party to remember with all your loved ones. You also don’t like all this fancy etiquette stuff on your wedding, cause in real life, you don’t care about this stuff either.

You value photography a lot cause you realise it’s the only thing to keep your precious memories alive. And obviously, you are crazy about each other. You can’t imagine a life without one another.

…for other shoots…

You love walking in nature, exploring beautiful places and you are not scared of a rain drop or a bit dirt on your shoes. You want to have pictures to remember and want to do (almost) everything to get there. Oh yes, let’s do some awesome sh*t! Cause shooting with Leentje is always an adventure.

I want to travel with you to Sweden, Italy or Iceland, amongst other amazing places. Let me know your wicked idea and we make it happen!


Please know:  Bookings for wedding season of 2020 are OPEN and 60% is already booked! Dates are filling up quickly so hurry hurry! 

“Wanderlust. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

I’m available in Belgium and all over Europe and around the Wonderful World!  I just love to travel, so don’t hesitate to contact me for destination weddings and shoots (with sssspecial pricessssss)!


Cool Engagement Shoot Canary Islands
Engagement Shoot in Lanzarote
passionate love shoot lanzarote

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As a freelance photographer I’m often out of the house and I focus on emails 3 times per week, so please don’t expect to have a reply within a heartbeat. If you don’t have an answer from me within a few days time, please send me a quick note on info (at)

Or call me on +32 473 975 028