5 reasons why you should have professional pictures


As a photographer, I rarely am in pictures. Cause I take them all the time. So once in a while I contact another awesome photographer I meet along my journeys and I switch side. I met Nicole last year on a wedding photography congress in Stockholm, Sweden. I basically only knew her from having lunch and going out, and I immediately loved her chillaxed way of living the life. A few months later, we met again in Iceland, and spent 5 days together exploring the country and attending a workshop in Reykjavik. A friendship was born.

Last summer, in July, I invited her to Ost Tirol, our favorite part of Austria, where we go skiing every year, and now visited for the first time in summertime. So Nicole came over and photographed us, my little family: Ruben (the boyfriend) and I, Amber (Ruben’s 15y old beautiful daughter), and the awesome red cocker spaniel Floor. We started on day one with a crazy-beautiful-golden-hour evening session at a Ruin. The next day, we hiked an hour to a hut, enjoyed the view, had some drinks, changed clothes and did a family session. We had the best time. And this is why YOU should consider doing it as well. Here is my advice and 5 reasons why should have professional pictures.

*** All pictures taken by Nicole Heiling Photography. If you are based in Austria, (or beyond), check her out cause she’s ‘OSSOMMMM’


We love the mountains. So much. We have a connection with a place in Austria called Virgen, in Ost Tirol, cause we have Belgian friends who currently live there. Since they moved there, we go every year. I invited Nicole here and she was so excited to come over. Chose a location which means something for you, because it makes the photos even more valuable.

Family-session-holiday-austria_0028 Family-session-holiday-austria_0035 Family-session-holiday-austria_0021 Family-session-holiday-austria_0001


Take time for a photoshoot. OK you can do a shoot in 1 hour but it’s so much more fun when you take your time. You will see it in the pictures cause you will feel and look totally relaxed. We don’t like posed photos so we just enjoyed our quality time, and Nicole captured that excitement and the joyful moments.

Family-session-holiday-austria_0016 Family-session-holiday-austria_0014 Family-session-holiday-austria_0020Family-session-holiday-austria_0030Family-session-holiday-austria_0031Family-session-holiday-austria_0019


Wow. Yes, you know why you love each other. But hey, let’s be honest. The rush of daily life sometimes sneaks in and steals these romantic moments. And as a couple, you sometimes go through hard times. A photo session brings you so close together and is truly romantic, hilarious and a bit crazy at the same time.



You chose a cool outfit, and make sure you look stunning. And when you feel this way, you naturally shine. So how awesome is it that this feeling is captured on photo and you relive that afterwards?



Definitely the most important one. So many people have so many candid family shots, stored on their phones or on the hard drive of their computer, which, of course, is awesome. But professional pictures just beg to be printed. In an album, or on a wall in your office, where-ever. That’s want I’m gonna do with my TOP 3 photos of this shoot. I’m gonna relive the moment everytime I see them in my house. And I will cherish this and it will make me smile!

Family-session-holiday-austria_0002 Family-session-holiday-austria_0017 Family-session-holiday-austria_0004 Family-session-holiday-austria_0013 Family-session-holiday-austria_0009 Family-session-holiday-austria_0008 Family-session-holiday-austria_0012 Family-session-holiday-austria_0003 Family-session-holiday-austria_0007 Family-session-holiday-austria_0005 Family-session-holiday-austria_0006 Family-session-holiday-austria_0015 Family-session-holiday-austria_0027 Family-session-holiday-austria_0022 Family-session-holiday-austria_0024Family-session-holiday-austria_0032 Family-session-holiday-austria_0026 Family-session-holiday-austria_0029  Family-session-holiday-austria_0034

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