A few months ago I did a couple shoot in Bali with Gertrud and Felix. I was in Indonesia on holiday and fate brought us together. People who know me a little agree with the fact that I go absolutely crazy if I spot golden light. Guess what, Bali has it almost every single day.

Gertrud and Felix live on Bali the majority of the  year. They come back to Europe for a few months, mainly to teach at Yoga retreats and workshops. Gertrud is freelance medical writer and yoga teacher as ‘Go with Gertrud‘, Felix is an actor and movement coach. Bet you can see it that these two work out a lot! They lost a little bit of their heart in Bali and decided that this island should be their future home. How awesome is that?

We met each other at the cliffs above Nyang Nyang beach. None of us had ever visited this place, but we had ‘heard’ this beach and its surroundings was magical. I did my google satellite homework and made jumps of joy when my driver dropped me of at the meeting point. The view from above overlooking the ocean was breathtaking. Not long after, Gertrud and Felix arrived on their scooter, and we walked 20 minutes down to the beach.

Rough see, wild beaches, and even green fields where the cows had left their marks of existence, and the tons of insects which come with that sh**t. My ankles and legs still wear the bites… But all of that is forgotten in the presence of this fun, loving, handsome couple in the best possible light.

Yes, because Leentje loves Light! Still own my name, I guess!

I still travel to exotic or ice-cold locations! So if you are up to something wicked, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m sure we can work something out!


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