Your personal brand

Your face, your brand.

In recent years, it became increasingly clear that we can distinguish ourselves by highlighting our brand. Not only with pictures of your products, but also by showing our face.

Together we think about how to portray you and your brand in the most authentic way. No forced fuss, no “pretend now,” but strong images. What works best? That I photograph you when you’re really doing your thing. While you are operating your machine, making packages or doing yoga.

I believe I can help you!

Always included

from €450 excl btw

  • Call to get on the same level
  • Help with moodboard
  • Optional clothing styling (via Jackie James)
  • Digital files

How can you capture your brand in photographs?

I want to photograph you in your habitat, while you are busy. Because then you’ll forget I’m there, and then I’ll be able to capture the most authentic version of you & your business.

Together we do preliminary calls, create a mood board and carefully plan the entire shoot. I believe in your brand!

business branding, it can be done like this!


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