What about shooting an editorial? …. You probably know that I travel a lot and one of my dreams is to expand my photography business beyond the Belgian borders! So every time I go abroad, I try to mix work and fun.

I went to Lanzarote in the beginning of November and had the chance to shoot an amazing editorial. Working in the sun, and on an amazing volcanic island like Lanzarote, is like a dream coming true. Our shooting location was one of the beautiful beaches of Costa Teguise. We shot in the morning, as the sun was still quite low. The gold top of the dress was just so sparkling beautiful in the sun. I immediately fell in love with the dress.

Nahia, our model represented by POPHOUSE, was dressed in a beautiful bridal KIKI gown by Rembo Styling. Peggy Timmermans, a Belgian makeup artist, did her magic and made Nahia even more beautiful than she already was!

Enjoy the pictures, and please know… I want to travel ANYWHERE!

Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0003 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0004 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0002Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0005 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0006 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0007 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0008 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0009 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0010 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0011 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0012 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0013 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0014 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0015 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0016 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0017 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0018 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0019 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0020 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0021 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0022 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0023 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0024 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0025 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0026 Bridal-Shoot-Lanzarote_0027

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