Free Spirited Bohemian Wedding

Last March I teamed up with my sister of WonderWeddings to create a Free Spirited Bohemian Wedding Shoot. It’s a shame I didn’t blog this series yet, surely because I absolutely adore the outcome of it. As my sister is fairly new in the Wedding Business, she wanted to create something extraordinary. Luckily she has an awesome wedding photographer as her sister. Our first real collaboration was a fact.

As we don’t market ourselves towards traditional or classical weddings, we wanted to make something which really speaks to our mind. Something bohemian, free spirited, nothing too fancy but just natural prettiness all over. Joke, the sister, was crazy enough to knot her own macrame backdrop. Sore fingers and a lot of patience… yes she has it (and I don’t). We both have our specific abilities, and it turns out that this combination works out quite well. We brought a multi artistic and creative team together, and with all Belgian Female Entrepreneurs we made this series with (yeah I can say) a fair dose of proud.

We are sure that we have so many talent in house, here in tiny Belgium. The wedding business is one full of creative souls, full of awesome ideas and full of power. So don’t look any further, but have a look at the awesome vendors below!

Organization and Styling by my awesome sister Joke of WONDERWEDDINGS / Flower art by the one and only flower queen WILDFLOWERS & WODKA / Make-Up & Hair by the very patient EDLYN HERMANN / Handmade jewelry by the super talented LIES WAMBACQ / Hand drawn stationary by newbie-in-the-business (watch her!) LETTERS & STYLING / Furniture by LIBERTY VINTAGE / Glasses & Cutlery by MAISON PAPILLON / Yummie cake by BAKED / Super pretty (as always) dresses by REMBO STYLING / Modeling by the always elegant and sweet INE NIJS



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