Last week, I was invited together with my sister from WonderWeddings at Barcelona Bridal Week, thé yearly Bridal Fashion Event in Europe where the new bridal collections from 22 European brands are presented. We were honored to be there, as we received the invitation from Belgium’s sophisticated bridal fashion house MRFG, who design the brands Rembo Styling and Marylise Bridal.

I have been shooting a lot of their dresses the last two years and am a huge fan. Although April was a crazy busy month, business wise, I couldn’t say no to this invite. So say hi to rainy Barcelona. Who needs sun anyway when you’re blown away by all this bridal fashion prettiness?

This Barcelona Bridal Week was a first for me. Watching all these beautiful gowns pass by and take in all these mesmerizing designs at the world’s premiere. I felt so blessed.

Rembo Styling and Marylise are a Belgian family company. They keep all the know-how in  house and design all their dresses in Herentals, Belgium. The two bridal brands are known to step away from the classical bridal gown designs. They were asked by Barcelona Bridal to be present at the bridal week, because of their innovative and trendsetting ideas.

For their 2018 collection, both Rembo Styling and Marylise worked a lot with cropped tops combined with long skirts in innovative fabrics. Long sleeves in lace or in butterfly design and deep backs kept me speechless.

Underneath my view on both collections. [all runway pictures by Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, other pictures by me]


Rembo Styling, the boho chic line of MRFG, gave me goosebumps. Again, very light fabrics, which give brides an instant elegance when moving. Imagine the wind lifting up the dress a little bit. Deep lace backs, cropped tops and a little glitter and gold. And oh, the lace capes and the hint of feathers. To die for…

In this collection the short ‘civil’ dresses were also presented. Light, simple and finished with exquisite detail, for brides who want to look pretty with a boho vibe on their civil wedding day. The highlight this year: jump suits (i want i want), combined with faux-fur or leather jackets to get this cool look. I am fan!

Last year, we already saw some beautiful knitwear (hello there, autumn and winter brides), and this trend was continued in the 2018 collection with some romantic loose-fitted accessories such as capes and cardigans.


The Marylise 2018 collection was totally revibed as well. The former collections were rather classical with stiff fabrics, and a lot of lace in a glamorous designs. The 2018 Marylise designs are totally different. A much softer look, with a touch of pastel colors and geometrical and flowery patterns, more romantic looks, and still some volume in their skirts and dresses.


If it fits in my schedule, I’m definitely going back next year. As I was a total newbie in fashion shows, I was acting rather low-profile with my camera in hand, but I’ll pick a better spot (and a better lens) next year, so I don’t have to use Barcelona Bridal Week’s picture anymore…

And for now? I have my Rembo Styling favorite designs already in my head, and will certainly shoot a few of these stunners in the coming year!

Thanks for letting me be a part of Barcelona Bridal Week, an overwhelming experience!

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