The smell of rain on a summer evening, walking all day long in my havaianas (although my boyfriend hates flipflops), faces with freckles (oh yes I love mine as well), picking wild flowers, pumpkin fields, the reflection I see in sunglasses, a good cappuccino and a bi-weekly dosis of sushi.

As a traveller, I like deserted beaches, the wind blowing through palmtree leaves, the Nordics rough landscapes, and I keep on planning next adventurous holidays.

I also spend my time decorating my house (although the renovation is not yet finished), and love to go on walks with my Cocker Spaniel, named Floor.

I obviously love light.

My approach is very straight forward. I’m just a normal girl with a black camera, and I take pictures of everything that happens.

Besides making technically good and beautiful pictures, I always tell a visual story. Not only will you be part of the story, but all your details and the people around you will be too.

My goal is to capture all moments, so you can tell your stories to future generations.


I love to photograph everything with a laid back feeling. I’m not a traditional girl, I love everything creative, freeminded, DIY, bohemian, flowerish, from farm to field, …

My eyes start to twinkle when I feel the sparkle between two people, my hearts starts beating when I see a wedding with lots of special personal touches.

I like the honest, adventurous, crazy creative kinda people, because, that’s how I am as well!


…for weddings…

You are relaxed, very down to earth, a little bit crazy, and don’t take life too seriously. You enjoy planning the wedding of your dreams. You have all the ideas in your head and you just know everything is gonna fall into its place.

You don’t need all the traditional classical shizzle, you just want to have a party to remember with all your loved ones. You also don’t like all this fancy etiquette stuff on your wedding, cause in real life, you don’t care about this stuff either.

You value photography a lot cause you realise it’s the only thing to keep your precious memories alive. And obviously, you are crazy about each other. You can’t imagine a life without one another.

…for other shoots…

You love walking in nature, exploring beautiful places and you are not scared of a rain drop or a bit dirt on your shoes. You want to have pictures to remember and want to do (almost) everything to get there. Oh yes, let’s do some awesome sh*t! Cause shooting with Leentje is always an adventure.

I want to travel with you to Sweden, Italy or Iceland, amongst other amazing places. Let me know your wicked idea and we make it happen!


I’ve been published on numerous blogs and magazines, and am a proud member of the House of Weddings Belgian Quality Label.

Wedding Blogs: Boho Weddings UK, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings UK, La Bride Blog Australia, Engaged Blog

Magazines: Bruid & Bruidegom Magazine Belgium, Vitagya Magazine Beligum, ZOOM.NL Magazine, Fae Magazine UK, Florum Fashion Magazine UK, Atlas Magazine UK

Online Articles: Elle Belgium, HLN, Stampmedia

Photography Features: LOOKSLIKEFILM

Please contact me if you need my exact address.

Leentje loves Light aka Leentje Schoofs
3020 Herent – Belgium
VAT/BTW BE0563.555.053

+32 473 975 028
Available for meetings on weekday evenings.