i kind of love light and am a

wedding and portrait photographer for the wicked and adventurous people

… let’s do CRAZY stuff together, cause every shoot is an adventure …

… featured favorites …

Model Shoot in Iceland
Huwelijksfotograaf Landgoed Altembrouck
Love Shoot Iceland
Bridal Editorial in Iceland
Sunset Wedding Shoot
Island Elopement in Lanzarote
Bridal Editorial Lanzarote
Huwelijksfotograaf Klein Reigaertsvliet
Wedding in Landgoed Altembrouck
Destination Engagement Shoot Italy
Magnolia blossom bridal editorial
Engagement Shoot in De Haan

So hi, again.I’m a fulltime dreamer and parttime traveler, constantly searching for light and emotions.

I’m not only wedding and portrait photographer, I’m also a visual storyteller. Cause the stories we tell have to last a lifetime… and to be told to future generations.

Let my website guide you through the different stories I was able to tell in the past years.

And don’t hesitate to take me to even more mesmerizing places, cause my inner traveling soul is never tired of exploring new horizons.